Can a Drunken Generation of Youths Contribute to the Development a Nation?

Cameroon being a young nation is seeking development and growth, and it is said that the youths are the future of the nation.This implies that the future of the nation depends on the energy of the youths and on the wisdom of the old. But we are face with a supposed sad phenomenon in that we have a drunken and lousy generation of youths, commonly known as the “Android Generation”. Worth noting is that Cameroon is ranked high in the global classification of alcohol consuming nations. With such a generation, the development of the nation seems farfetched. So the question here is this; Can a drunken and lousy generation of youths drive the development and growth of the nation up the charts?

Leggo. Normally, the youths were never conceived and they were never born drunk. Circumstances which may or may not be within their control should have influenced this generation going bananas nad astray all thanks to alcohol. One of these circumstances triggering this could be the social life of the youths, which is centered on bottles, sex and drugs. Such a lifestyle is very effective in reducing the life span of the victims, as it encourages violence, increases the rates of unwanted pregnancies, increases the number of cases of sexually transmittable diseases, alcohol related diseases and not leaving out depression. Such circumstances arise from people wanting to live the Facebook life or the Instagram life or the live they see in the music videos and other forms of entertainment. In short people just want to live the life in the fast lane. Trying to live the life in the Instagram life is one of the fastest ways of retarding the development of the nation, for the drunk can never be as efficient and productive as the upright and normal.
And not limiting the aspect of drunkenness to alcoholic intoxication, Negative Mindset Intoxication is another form of drunkenness and madness. In such a state where the youths just have the wrong notion of money making, where they have the wrong notion that they can’t be significant to create a positive impact to national growth. That shitty mindset which prevents them from courageous and smart enough in believing and following their dreams to make the society better.

But what must have led the youths into this state of squalor? Nobody wants to be in a messed up state. Could the frustration of unemployment be a favorable factor? Could conformism be another factor favoring the youths going bananas? Could ignorance on the part of the youths about their abilities and potentials be another factor? Could it be the absence of adequate guidance and orientation for the youths? Or could it be the strong desire to live the Facebook and Instagram life? What could really be the reason for such a state?

It is well known that people in such a state cannot offer real value to society in terms of productivity, efficiency and innovation. The probability is way closer to zero than to 1. But this state does not kill potential, talents and abilities it merely hibernates and makes them dormant. Meaning despite the drunkenness and madness of the young generation, there is a specter of hope. For their potentials and abilities have the potential and ability to be reawakened and utilized for the greater good of society.

Doctors would tell you that to treat a physiological disorder or call it a disease, the root of the disease is to be identified, attacked and addressed appropriately. Same thing applies to this state of drunkenness, lousiness and madness of the youths. And to do away with these, we have to do away with the conditions which favor them. We have to deal with the frustration of employment by promoting self employment and entrepreneurship (even though self employment and entrepreneurship might sound as a cliché to many, it is still vital). We have to deal with conformism by encouraging and promoting the uniqueness and originality of youths (Team YEFON is doing a great job in this sector). We have to deal with self-ignorance about the potentials and abilities of the youths by creating the awareness, empowering and nurturing the youths through media such as forums, workshops and positive use of social media.
Investing in this drunken, lousy and mad generation of youths could yield a good return on investment to the development of the nation.

So to answer the question of “Can a drunken, lousy and mad generation drive the development of the nation up the chart?” I would stand tall and say YES, they are drunk and not dead. If you doubt, give me 1 Million U$D and I would make that thought both a sustainable and a practical reality.

Grandmaster Carl
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