Self-Control, your way out of misery.

It is better to win control over yourself than to win control over nations. Those are the words of the wise King Solomon in regards to self-control.

Self-control is that guiding force which directs our actions towards destructive or constructive aims. Majority of man’s grief comes about through lack of self-control. There is no one today known as “great” who does not have a mastery of self and that is what makes them the bosses and boss ladies.

To develop and master the habit of self-control, we have to master our thoughts for self-control is principally a matter of thought-control. We are the products of our very own thoughts. When you decide that goodness and greatness run the production line in your mind, the results manifested in you are goodness and greatness. However, I am afraid to say the same is true with mediocrity and frustration.

The beginning of our journey to develop and master the habit of self-control would be marked by the mastery of three major factors contributing to lack of self-discipline and they are:
Desire for food.
Desire for sex.
Desire to express lousy opinions.
The above cited factors are the major factors influencing the lack of self-discipline. Anybody who masters all 3 is capable and able to overcome any hurdle on the path to developing and mastering self-control.

People weak in self-control, have no control when it comes to food. They fill their bellies with whatsoever is pleasing to the tongue and not necessary for the body. From a physiological perspective, the excess of food not needed by the system overworks the system during metabolism and elimination and constipation is one of the immediate consequences. Other diet related diseases would include high cholesterol levels and diabetes.
In a sick state, the productivity and efficiency of any concerned individual is reduced as nobody functions at optimal in a state of discomfort and sickness. So in this case, uncontrolled appetite for food is synonymous to self-inflicted sickness (that sounds suicidal to me…)and this is not limited to food along but drinks too are inclusive and particularly alcohol. Visiting the Wisdom of Solomon on this, he says “drunkards and gluttons would be reduced to nothing”. So the question is Do you want to be reduced to nothing?

For the desire for sex, every group of human beings fall into this category. The strong as well as the weak; the old as well as the young; the ignorant as well as the wise. Every one desires sex. The inability to master the desire for sex is passport to lack of self-mastery and focus. Because sex is the greatest force which motivates humans, it is also the most dangerous force. The best way to master the desire for sex is to channel that drive and energy for sex towards something more productive like your job or that project you have been putting on standby and poverty for one, shall never be your portion. Over indulgence in sex or addiction to sex is the same thing as addiction to drugs and alcohol for they all have hypnotic control, whereby you find yourself doing the things you are addicted to but you don’t why (that sounds familiar right?)

Sex is seen as something vulgar in our societies today because it has been abused by those who have no control over their appetite for sex and the list is as long as mankind. Women are seen to be in the minority faction despite their large numbers because they are considered to be primarily designed for sex hence the numerous cases of female abuse around the globe all because people are in-capable to control their sexual hunger. Another consequence of lack of mastery of the desire for sex is the emergence of kids who yearn for survival in the world more than a drowning person yearning for air. And another common one is infidelity among couples (I know you would definitely agree with me on this one…)

The third factor, the desire to express lousy opinions. This desire if not curbed and mastered, the individual would develop a grasshopper mindset which is jumpy and never takes time to process information and facts and at the end of the day, an individual with such a mindset accomplishes nothing worthwhile. Wise men keep their plans to themselves and refrain from expressing uninvited opinions and this makes it difficult for others to interfere with their plans, hence #theEssenceOfSecrecy.

Taking a look at the perspective of one of the wisest men who ever lived in the person of king Solomon on the issue of expression of lousy opinions, he say “Those who are sure of themselves do not talk all the time. People who stay calm have a real insight. After all even a fool might be thought wise and intelligent if he stays quiet and keeps his mouth shut.” He goes further to say “there is more hope for a stupid fool than for someone who speaks without thinking”.

In essence, there are two dependable powers available to anyone seeking self-control:
1)The power of your thoughts for We are the products of our very own thoughts and
2)The partnership of the holy spirit when striving for self-control as the Holy Spirit does not make us timid but gives us power, love and self-discipline
Self-control is only possible if you DESIRE to possess that control over yourself for you are limited only by the depths of your desire. For when your desire is strong enough you will appear to have superhuman powers to achieve success. Why others succeed in a given field and others don’t is just a difference in the depths of their desire to succeed.
The energy which most people give out through lack of self-control would, if organized and used for something constructive and productive eliminate poverty and bring in riches.

I would love to get your own insight on how self-control is a vital part in our pursuit of personal growth and development. And as always, sharing is caring.


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