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Stop Comparing with Others!! Here is why and how.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the meanest things we could do to ourselves as it is a self destructive habit which we cultivate and nourish to kill us in the not so far future. The immediate consequence is the generation of negative feelings within and most probably outside of us. One of the most obvious of such feelings is jealousy. And it is my believe most of us would identify with that whether we admit it or not.
No matter the situation, there is always a way out and considering this issue of comparing ourselves with others, we would look into some of the ways out of this mean and self destructive habit.

Treat others with kindness: in your thoughts, words and actions, treat others with kindness, fairness and respect. The way we behave, talk and think of others, has an effect on the way we perceive our own selves. When we judge, we also judge ourselves and nothing good comes from being judgemental. When we love others, we love ourselves. It is based on this philosophy whic…

Attention, stop Blackman Time; stop lateness; start being prompt!!

Okay people this is written by one of my friends and I believe it would do us some good if we all try to kill the Blackman time #BMT phenomenon and be prompt for all programmed activities.
I believe that one of the reasons why we are backwards in almost everything is this NONSENSE of "Blackman Time". It is one of the biggest drivers of inefficiency and ineffectiveness!
Please, my people, being late is not fashionable, it is downright RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL! And it ends up creating a chain effect which makes everyone else late and waste their time!
What amazes me most is that the people in the diaspora have learned everything else but have refused to give up the "tradition" of late coming. Even abroad, Cameroonians are still late for everything!
A life where you are always late is an unprogrammed and unfocused life and success will usually always elude you while you blame it on an uncle in the village &quo…

Major Keys to Stop Worrying

Last week, I deprived myself of some great deal of happiness. Not consciously though, so hey don't see me as weird. During this period of self denied happiness, I had this habit of over thinking or to say worrying about everything most especially the lil things.
I came across this article How to Stop over thinking everything by Henrik Edberk of the Positivity Blog. It was very helpful and I would share with you what I believe to be the major Keys to stop worrying.
Quend c’est tros, c’est laid, same applies to over thinking which is hardly ever a constructive habit. Over thinking small issues might actually make them grow. We over think the positivity of things until they are apparently positive no more. You might be asking what happens when you over think the negative aspects of things? They just get worst!
This habit of over thinking steals the happiness of the moment and it also makes us stand still in life as it renders us incapable of making intelligent decisions and taking …

Lessons Learned from Life The consequences of fear

Fear is one of the everyday phenomenons we do encounter in life. No one can boost of never encountering fear in any of its many facets at one point in life. The source of the fear might me misty and not clearly understood but we still encounter it.
When we encounter fear, there are two things involved; you could yield to fear or the fear yields to you. What's it gonna be?
Some years ago I used to fear failing in some subjects in school and underperforming and it so happened all my fears were confirmed. What I feared failing I failed and as a consequence I underperformed. I also feared loosing some close friends and behold I did loss them. I am certain you would have your own experiences with fear which when you feared something was to happen that thing eventually happened. It sucks right?
I was tired of being spellbound and manipulated by fear so I had to break loose and free. It is said the first step in conquering fear is to find out the origin and kill it. Just like unwanted g…

Lessons Learned from Life: The Essence of "Secrecy"

A couple of years back, I was the type of person who when I had issues would disclose it to almost just anyone who would offer me a listening ear. This character trait has been carried along for quiet sometime and I came to realize that it never helped me in getting my issues resolved.
This frustration of talking to people and having no resolution to my issues taught me some lessons which I would collectively refer to as the ESSENCE OF "SECRECY" which we shall look into subsequently.
# The first thing I realized was, when you share your problems with people, you expose your weaknesses and you give then reason to perceive you as weak, and there is no respect for the weak. You also give them the opportunity to exploit you based on your problems.
# you  appear as a nuisance to your audience. What you might consider a problem, might not be seen as a problem by your audience. So do yourself the favour and shut it.In the midst of issues, deal with it for you have what it takes.