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Can a Drunken Generation of Youths Contribute to the Development a Nation?

Cameroon being a young nation is seeking development and growth, and it is said that the youths are the future of the nation.This implies that the future of the nation depends on the energy of the youths and on the wisdom of the old. But we are face with a supposed sad phenomenon in that we have a drunken and lousy generation of youths, commonly known as the “Android Generation”. Worth noting is that Cameroon is ranked high in the global classification of alcohol consuming nations. With such a generation, the development of the nation seems farfetched. So the question here is this; Can a drunken and lousy generation of youths drive the development and growth of the nation up the charts?
Leggo. Normally, the youths were never conceived and they were never born drunk. Circumstances which may or may not be within their control should have influenced this generation going bananas nad astray all thanks to alcohol. One of these circumstances triggering this could be the social life of the …

How do you really get these crazy stretch marks?

They are one of the dermal nightmares of women though they are not restricted to women only for men also have them. Many of us don't know how they come about, we just realize one morning there are some lines somewhere around our belly, thighs, buttocks, and breasts. And with such a realization, the immediate effect is discomfort with our bodies. We no longer enjoy a sun bath around the pool or beach just because our skin confidence has been diminished.

Here is a little something we should know about these lineal monsters called stretch marks:

Stretch marks are caused by the tearing of the dermis ( the dermis helps the skin retain shape) due to rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid weight changes and growth. Other causes might include hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, body building or hormone replacement therapy.

They usually begin as reddish or purple lesions in areas where larger amounts of fats are stored, making the belly, the breasts, the thighs…

An open letter to my younger ones as they return to school.

Dear lil ones,
It is kick off time for another schooling and educative experience. Some of you are pumped up and others are turned down, all for various reasons. I shared those feelings when I was like you and I would like to tell you this, your ambitions don’t give a damn about your feelings. It is what it is you just have to do what you have to do. This is the beginning of yet another phase and it is going shape your future depending on how you approach it.
We all want the same thing, we all just want to be successful, and we all want to be at the top of our game. There is good news, to be successful or to be great is just as simple as blinking your eyes, all you need to is MAKE A DECISION TO BE SUCCSFUL. Make a decision you are going to be successful this year with your academics, make a decision you are going to excel beyond this time around. Success is not a destination, but it is a journey, it is a process. I must tell, it is not easy and that’s why many people quit before and m…

Importance of Entrepreneurship to Economical Emergence of a Nation (Case Study of the USA)

O Cameroon, cradle of our parents. Land of promise for a few and land of doom for the majority. Those who see the promises are the few courageous ones. And the majority who see Cameron as the land of doom do so through the eyes of the economy which is a lil bit shy of pathetic.
The Cameroonian economy is both underdeveloped and developing (a lil bit faster than snail pace) and it is my believe the most developed economies in the world were once down the scale as the present state of Cameroon. But what is the formula used by these "emerged" economies? Let's take a look at how the United States of America (capital of the free World) attained and surpassed the vision of Cameroon.
Of the 27.9 million businesses in the United States, approximately 27.8 million, or 99.7 percent, are considered small. Although there is no universal definition of a small business (the U.S.
Small Business Administration has more than 800 definitions of a small business based on industry categor…