Failure, Your Passport to Success

Everyday in life, from the moment when we are born to the moment when we cease living or existing, we do encounter various setbacks. Everyone does, there is no exception to that.

Failure, temporal defeat and challenges are an integral part of our lives which either make or break us. But few people know know that every form of adversity or failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. No wonder they say "the tougher the battle, the bigger the victory." that is so because as large as you see your adversity to be, within it lies a seed of advantage with potential of being as bigger as the adversity or even bigger depending what you make of it.

It is said, the strong one is not the one who does not fall down,  but the strong one is the one who stands up after falling down. If you don't fall down, it is most probable you are already down. We all obey the law of gravity. Had it been people were void of the ignorance and had a deeper understanding of failure they would not quit when they encounter opposition from life.

Failure is that thief which you permit to rob you of your ambitions,  will power and the hunger to win. It also rob you of your self confidence essential to wake up and make a fresh start.

Every form of defeat, every form of failure brings with them an equivalent seed of unborn opportunity as afore mentioned. So with that said, you would not be robbed of your ambitions and your hunger for winning. Success is usually a very short step from where you quit fighting and throw in the towel to failure.
But mind you, as failure and defeat come with seeds of opportunity, the breadth and depth of the outcome of that seed depends on how you cater for it.

Failure is a man made circumstance as it is a state of mind. It is never real until it is accepted by man as permanent. By virtue of being a state of mind, it can be controlled to either yield into failure or into success, whichever you apply your emotions to.

Hey bro and not leaving out you ma chere soeur for how long are we going to remain depressed because of various setbacks that are in our way? You have what it takes to be a set back to the setbacks in your path to Success. I challenge you to wake up from that fall and move forward with more confidence and strength towards your goals. Go get it for you are a winner and you don't quit.

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To be continued....

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