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Do You Feel Left Behind in Life?

Your mates are making it in life, they are ahead of you though you were all at the same level. You just can't phantom how that's possible. You work equally as hard as them and even harder than some yet you are still lagging behind them on success lane, or so it seems.

With the notion of you falling behind on your achievement even though you work as hard as those who are successful you don't do things as you used to. You step up your game plan. You use alternative measures. You change your lane. You do things different. But you are still behind. Then you get frustrated. You get disappointed. You are blue and depressed. All because you are not having the results. You are still behind.

Maybe you should give up. Maybe the accounting or the medicine shit just ain't your thing. Maybe you could change to banking and finance or engineering. That's the temptation. Because you are behind, You feel it's not your thing. You feel maybe if you change the ball from a basket b…