Lessons Learned from Life The consequences of fear

Fear is one of the everyday phenomenons we do encounter in life. No one can boost of never encountering fear in any of its many facets at one point in life. The source of the fear might me misty and not clearly understood but we still encounter it.

When we encounter fear, there are two things involved; you could yield to fear or the fear yields to you. What's it gonna be?

Some years ago I used to fear failing in some subjects in school and underperforming and it so happened all my fears were confirmed. What I feared failing I failed and as a consequence I underperformed. I also feared loosing some close friends and behold I did loss them. I am certain you would have your own experiences with fear which when you feared something was to happen that thing eventually happened. It sucks right?

I was tired of being spellbound and manipulated by fear so I had to break loose and free. It is said the first step in conquering fear is to find out the origin and kill it. Just like unwanted grass the best way to deal with it is to dig out the roots. The sources of my fears was the discomfort in not being in the top positions in class and insecurity when dealing with my close friends. I had to change my mindset from “not wanting “to be out of the top spots in class to “wanting” to be in the top positions in class, and from “not wanting “ to loose my friends “wanting” to keep my friends. Simply put I had to focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative aspects of all my situations and it paid off. Your fears must be mastered before you achieve anything worthwhile. We all have goals in life and you know as much as I know that we would not make it if we yield to fear but we gonna make it big if fear yields to us. For in the state of fear, most of what you think of is negativity.

Fear is a generous phenomenon, if you fear something is going to happen, fear grants you that. So if you must fear, fear that the best rather than the worst is going to happen.

You are a born conqueror, go conquer your fears!!


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