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Turn up and Switch onWithEmile

The global entertainment industry is booming and vibrant and there's set to be a major breakthrough in the industry in the form of a TV show. And the point of impact is Cameroon,from there the Shockwaves shall travel across boundaries. Let me introduce to you Switch On With Emile.

Switch On With Emile is a brand new and groundbreaking swish entertainment show set to be broadcasted from Cameroon. It is set to be the embodiment and definition of a 21st century talk show on your screen, for it is a mixture of grandeur and style. It is here to serve you with contemporary topics in the entertainment industry and beyond into culture, education and business. While Momo Bertrand, Christine Djafa of NKAP LOM, Nzonda Fotsing Kenneth of Zongo Soft IT firebug and I are leading beyond, Emile Switch and his dynamic team are presenting beyond.

Switch on with Emile has state of the art tech to provide you with super high definition images. That's just to say the show is not only the real dea…