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You are responsible for your own happiness

I came across this pic which stroke me and reminded that I am responsible for my own happiness and if I depend on other people for my happiness, I would be disappointed real big.
Of late I have been on a down low because I have been relying on my close ones for my happiness but at the end of the day I am disappointed. It's not that my people deliberately deny me happiness, they might be busy or are caught up in their own stuff and may not be able to meet up to your expectations no matter how much they try to and how genuinely they do it.
Being independent is one of the sweetest things one can experience in life that is why over the past decades nations after nations have been seeking independence that should be a significant enough example to shade more light on the significance of independence. The independence sought by nations is more of political and economical but the independence we all should seek and achieve by force by fire is the independence of happiness. Your happine…

Do you this one big Favor


Reality Check!!

I know money is as important as oxygen and even much more important than oxygen to some of us. But for a moment, let's forget that comparison with oxygen.
The essence of the question is to find out how much you are passionate and how much you love what you do for a living.
So, honestly speaking, if money did not exist would you still get up every morning and do what you do for a living?

The Dangers of Slimming Teas

In our communities of today, there are a thousand and one different vendors or a thousand and one different brands of Slimming Teas for million and one consumers who would like to loose weight and have the slim figure. Many of us are not aware of the dangers some of these Teas may pose to our health, so Dr SEA is here to meducate us in the Dangers of these Teas.
We love to meducate you.
The Dangers of Slimming Teas
FEBRUARY 19, 2016
Most supplements and herbal ingredients featured in weight loss teas are not regulated. As a result, the majority of the health hazards these seemingly harmless teas embody are not fully disclosed to users.
Weight loss teas very often are a strong cocktail of herbs which are natural stimulants which drive up you up, bulk fibers which fill up your digestive system, diuretics which make you pee and laxatives which cause diarrhea. Aloe, Senna, Rhubarb Root, Cascara, Buckthorn, Ma Huang and Castor Oil are examples of the herbs found in most slimming …