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6 Reasons Why You Should QUIT FACEBOOK

Our love of social media seems to have grown and grown in the past decade, but recent studies show the trend may be turning for some platforms, with young people in particular ditching Facebook. The main question is; Would quitting Social make you happy?
Yes it would and here 6 reasons why you should:

1. You feel like your own person. You live life fully and on your terms rather than trying to shape it into what looks good online. You get the opportunity to live an authentic life.

2. You get the chance to increase your productivity. You save time surfing through an ocean of irrelevant content. You are free from the tremendous noise, distraction and temptation of Facebook. You actually have time to do something more resourceful and worthwhile.

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3. You spend real time with real friends. You are free from the detractors of Facebook and you could actually catch up with your friends. You also have the chance to distinguish your real friends from those wh…

6 Motivational Ways to Activate Your Beast Mode #Motivation

In a world that is moving fast, life is passing by whilst everyone is living in the moment. Those dream crippling moments will come where you wish you had prepared more properly, accomplished something, wanting to feel more accepted, perfect; intelligent, skilful and complete. The truth is you have to grind and hustle to make it where you want to be.

We have come to learn that there isn’t perfection but life will give you another meaning. Let’s put some drive into life. Prepare both mentally and physically to activate that inner power. Eventually limits will be broken by keeping at hand tools that will provide you with relentless form of energy in pursuit of your dreams. Welcome to beast mode.

Here are 6 ways to activate beast mode:

1. Stand tall and make your declaration

Seeing is believing, so make it reality by committing to your goals so that you won’t be going through life aimlessly. The majority of people do not do this and thus dreams become abandoned so always aim higher. The …

6 signs you aren't cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Lots of people want to start a business. But not everyone has what it takes.

The proportion of those who merely want to be entrepreneurs will always be higher than that of the few who actually start a business. The simple reason is that not everyone is cut out for the rigors of entrepreneurship.

So, you may be thinking about starting a business. But can you? Check out the following signs that you are not cut out for the entrepreneurial life.

1. You prefer following orders

The world is made of followers and leaders. Which one are you?

If you're committed to being a comfortable order-taker the rest of your life, perhaps entrepreneurship is not for you. If, on the other hand, you feel a twitch of desire to make some decisions and give some orders, that may be the spark of entrepreneurship.

2. You prefer working to fulfill someone else's dream

Businessman, investor and philanthropist Farrah Gray wrote, "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." Whi…

9 sure signs you are seen as a Great Leader

Do people view you as a leader?

In the movies, amazing leaders can frequently be seen making life-changing speeches — sometimes whilst riding a horse back and forth before a mass of armored, sword-wielding soldiers.

In real life, leadership is a much quieter trait. In fact, you may not always even realize that others seeyou as a great leader.

Here are some signs that people view you as a leader:

1. Everyone seeks out your opinion

This is probably the most obvious sign that your peers view you as a leader. Whether or not you're the boss, you're a fixture in the office when it comes to giving insight and opinions. If this sounds like you, then your coworkers clearly value your wisdom.

2. You're a good communicator

People won't think you're a great leader just because you've got good ideas. You've got to be able to communicate those ideas too.

"There has to be a sense that the person themselves believes in the project or idea," leadership expert Hugh Kearns …