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Fact Check: Do You Really Need It? This Will Easily Help You Decide!

The Internet sphere of Cameroon has experienced a surge of viral content on social media over the past couple of weeks. Most of the viral content serve to stir up emotions or create an alert and with such content, people don’t question what they are told simply because emotions are involved. It is really simple; because it feels true that makes it true. The question on the minds and lips of everyone is; “How do I know what is true online?”
Social Media is a very fertile ground for conspiracies, propaganda and hoaxes. So much information is being circulated and made available on social networks and this nurtures the phenomena known as confirmation bias which is the urge to believe only things that only confirm what you already believe to be true, among users of these networks. We human beings have a very strong inclination to believe what favors us, even if it is clearly unrealistic. We just may ask: “Why spoil a good story?”
In the social media era with conspiracies, pro…

How to manage hardtimes; Don't complain, Dont't whin, Don't make excuses, Do something

Let me ask you this, why do people complain?

This article originally appeared on AfroHustler

People complain as a defense mechanism to validate why things aren’t going right in their life. People complain as a form of therapy. Truth is, a lot of people complain because they are hurt, confused, frustrated or scared. They can’t reason effectively with the reality of the circumstance or see an opportunity in adversity.
Whining and complaining is now a lifestyle for most of us. We complain just about anything and everything. in our music, our arts, our writing, our daily conversations (maybe in our food as spices) and right now I am complaining about people complaining all the time. We complain because of the frustration, pain, and confusion we are in thanks to “society”.
We are full of potential to be the best because we are blessed with the curse of hardships. Olusegun Obasanjo says “for strength in life, we need a bit of adversity” and we have enough adversity. The blessing of adversit…