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10 Harmful health effects of excessive consumption of soft drinks.

There is definitely no place where soft drinks (or sweets as they are commonly referred to in this my part of the country) of all brands, flavors and colors don’t have a good representation. They are just as popular as their alcoholic counterparts. Their sweetness should be thanked for their popularity. How I wish their health hazards were as popular as their sweetness. But I would make my wish come true by making their hazards be as popular as their sweetness.
Excessive consumption of soft drinks is a leading risk factor for obesity and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. As Dr. Susan Enjema A. would say, let me meducate you on 10 of the risks of over consumption of soft drinks;

1) Tooth Decay: all sweet drinks contain acid (… yes acid) making these sweet drinks acidic in nature. The acids in the drinks slowly eats away the enamel (material the tooth is made of). The sugar content is high enough to create a comfortable environment for settle and engage in th…

Is Selfishness actually the Seed of Selflessness?


Focus, the story of a young pathfinder and bright spotter.

Today’s post is about FOCUS. Lack of focus is one of those avoidable obstacles on the way to achieving our desires. I say it is avoidable because when we make a commitment to ourselves to stay focus on the task at hand, it could be achieved with relative ease as compared to working with no focus. Your focus on your aim is a guide to achieving your aim. You owe yourself that commitment to stay focused. This is the story of a young man with great ambitions and has as his aim in life to make his community better than what it was yesterday. He has been loyal and stayed focus on his aim and the results of his hustle inspired me to use his story. I am not telling you this story to impress you, but to impact upon you the necessity of focusing on the task of achieving our desires in life. For with focus on your aims, a weak plan to achieve those aims is more apt to succeed than a strong plan applied with no focus.
His passion for African excellence was ignited when he was on a trip in Kenya fo…