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Ambition is priceless but what is the price of success?

They gon' love me for my Ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it's harder to live it

I gave up that which I cherished most in life. No! That's not true. I sacrificed that which I cherished most in life. I sacrificed all of it for my ambitions. Ambition is priceless right?

I was fully committed to making it. I was addicted. Addicted to my ambitions and addicted to winning. I was so pumped up by the hustle. I went deeper and deeper into chasing dreams. Dream chaser. The deeper I got, the scarier it got. The panic attacks started becoming familiar. Depression was the visitor who never got away. Nervousness was readily available. What a home I had created for myself, for there ain't no place sweeter than home right?

'It only gets better' was the consolatory mantra I had but honestly, it only got worse. I felt I was delusional anytime I was optimistic. I was lying through my teeth when I uttered the words "it only gets better". Results were not coming …

11 Places to Learn Public Speaking Skills for Free

Public speaking is one of the most effective way to get your message across in a formal setting like in business meetings and seminars or in informal settings like day-to-day conversations with family and friends. It is also one of the most feared things in the world. it is up there with the likes of death and snakes. Some people would rather be dead than make a sentence in public.

We all have that fear for public speaking. But rather than forget about the public speaking and die with our opinions buried within us, we could rise above our fear and master the necessary skills of the public speaking.

But how do we rise above the fear?
Our resurrection begins with making a decision to learn the skills of public speaking. Here are 11 places to learn those skills for free:

1. Learn by Example on Udemy

Video-based learning platform Udemy has a great public speaking course offered free of charge by Professor Chris Haroun, business school professor, venture capitalist and author. In his cours…

Douala WordCamp 2017! Why should You attend?

What is Douala WordCamp 2017? Douala WordCamp 2017 is a one-day conference that will be held on 15th of April in city of Douala at ActivSpaces, beside Immeuble SOCAR. Douala WordCamp will be a casual conference covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source publishing software that powers more than 27% of the internet.By the end of the one-day event, the organizers hope to have built a stronger community of WordPress users in Douala and in Cameroon and by the same means intrust in participant the basics of WordPress, how to get started and how to grow a business with WordPress. The event will be recorded live and the video broadcasted on
Who should attend?
You. Me. Everyone can attend.

This conference will bring together 200 people who: Use WordPress, Design WordPress, Develop WordPress, Blog on WordPress, Like WordPress, Have a business website on WordPress or Want to learn WordPress.
How can I attend?To attend the WordCamp, you simply…

4 Lessons About Saving Money I wish I knew 3 Years Ago.

You want to be as wealthy as your idols, enjoying the comfort and luxury money can buy  and having the admiration of peers and respect of your community.

But you know you haven’t got a chance in hell of seeing that kind of success unless you get an amazing amount of money and stay rich over the long haul.

Sure, you get the apparently comfortable pay of your job or jobs, but it’s not like you have enough money to dress better or live better than you have been living 5 years ago.

You worry that you’re not improving in life especially your financial life. You worry that your efforts don’t resonate deeply with savings, but you’ll be damned if you can figure out the magic formula.

It gets worse, much, much worse. You try to step up your game plan but you instead step up your debts. You are fighting in multiple fronts, to keep up with life and deal with your healthy debts. You end up poorer than you were at the beginning.

And the truth is, unless you can find a way to significantly grow …

The One Thing About Sex You Don't Know

"The thing about sex with many people is, it starts to lose value after a while. You meet a woman in the morning, you have a conversation during which some chemistry is realized. You hang out, have lunch and supper together and you spend the night together. Next week, same thing happens with another woman and before you know it, you’re sleeping with three women in one week. And since you have realized that sex comes easy, you stop valuing it.

It becomes something you expect from every woman on the very first night you meet her and if you meet a good one who doesn’t want to give it up on the first night, you walk away to another tree where the fruits are lower and more accessible. You even become too lazy to go on an actual date because your objective is to get laid and you know you can and will get laid by someone without even having to buy her a bottle of Malta or Smirn Off Ice. Soon, you find yourself thinking you should fuck any woman you have some sort of chemistry… Like it’…