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Cycle of Life

A day is made of two distinct parts; day time and night time. Day time is followed by night and night is proceeded by day and that's the cycle of time.
Life too, is made up of two distinct parts; good and bad.
Good fortunes are and would always be followed by bad fortunes which in turn would always be followed by good fortunes, just as night would always follow day.
That is the cycle of life.
Just as no normal person would emerge from the night phase stronger and more refreshed for the activities of the new day, so to as no normal man would arise from failure without being stronger and wiser from adversity.
Adversity is a phase of life and what you make if it would impact the good phase of life.
It is a blessing in disguise, take it as such and live a happy life.
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Go and conquer for you are a conqueror!!!


Failure, Your Passport to Success

Everyday in life, from the moment when we are born to the moment when we cease living or existing, we do encounter various setbacks. Everyone does, there is no exception to that.
Failure, temporal defeat and challenges are an integral part of our lives which either make or break us. But few people know know that every form of adversity or failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. No wonder they say "the tougher the battle, the bigger the victory." that is so because as large as you see your adversity to be, within it lies a seed of advantage with potential of being as bigger as the adversity or even bigger depending what you make of it.

It is said, the strong one is not the one who does not fall down,  but the strong one is the one who stands up after falling down. If you don't fall down, it is most probable you are already down. We all obey the law of gravity. Had it been people were void of the ignorance and had a deeper understanding of failure they …

Perfection Goes With Time

When we were born, we couldn't say the words of our languages or write them down or do the things now do with relative ease and perfection.
But as the days burn into months and subsequently into years, you become better and better and perfect with time.
Be mindful  for tomorrow you could be more perfect than you are today for perfection goes with time.

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It is Possible

If you think it is possible, then it is.
If you think it is impossible, then it is impossible.
Most of what we see and believe to be possible
today, were seen to be impossible yesterday.
So what you see to be impossible today,
Would be possible tomorrow.

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It all depends on you

Why do some people pray so fervently and don't get the answers to their prayers and others make a simple prayer and get even more than they asked for? For the church goers who jump and leap from one church to another, I ask what is your motive? Before going to church A, that was because you believed prayers were answered there but then, you drifted to church B and you would soon exhaust all possible options.

You can receive the answer to your prayers wherever you are, it all depends on you, it all depends on your faith. It depends on you expecting and receiving what you hope(pray) for, which is the absence of all possible forms of negative thoughts in relation to what to aspire having.

Claim what you hope for, for you are master of your self and Captain of your soul

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Be Definite

It's all about being definite,
60 seconds make a minute,
365 days make a year.
There's a definite distance to be covered from one location to another.
There's a definite surface area covered by towns, nations, hills and oceans.

And the principle for being definite is the basic natural principle on which our lives operate.
When wishing, dreaming or setting goals or objectives, you should be definite, without which it is all A waste of time.

We should operate and live our lives
With definiteness of purpose and definite aims so as to make meaning of our time.