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Self-Control, your way out of misery.

It is better to win control over yourself than to win control over nations. Those are the words of the wise King Solomon in regards to self-control.

Self-control is that guiding force which directs our actions towards destructive or constructive aims. Majority of man’s grief comes about through lack of self-control. There is no one today known as “great” who does not have a mastery of self and that is what makes them the bosses and boss ladies.

To develop and master the habit of self-control, we have to master our thoughts for self-control is principally a matter of thought-control. We are the products of our very own thoughts. When you decide that goodness and greatness run the production line in your mind, the results manifested in you are goodness and greatness. However, I am afraid to say the same is true with mediocrity and frustration.

The beginning of our journey to develop and master the habit of self-control would be marked by the mastery of three major factors contributing …

4 motivational lessons we can learn from kids

In search of motivation of any sort, we always turn to our mates or older persons or those we consider to have been there before. In our pursuit of motivation, we don’t see what we have right in front of us in the kids we have running, playing and crying around us day in day out.
1) Never stop searching. Stay curious, stay stupid. Search beyond.
2) Never be scared of making mistakes. Perfection comes with time. Just like a kid trying to make the first steps in walking.
3) Be brave. Kids always get into situations and places no one thought they could and that is because they never thought about the opinion of anybody. They just kept going.
4) Dream big. Kids dream beyond. Dreaming big is the first step to doing something big.
So people remember to keep it simple and keep it real.
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