An open letter to my younger ones as they return to school.

Dear lil ones,
It is kick off time for another schooling and educative experience. Some of you are pumped up and others are turned down, all for various reasons. I shared those feelings when I was like you and I would like to tell you this, your ambitions don’t give a damn about your feelings. It is what it is you just have to do what you have to do. This is the beginning of yet another phase and it is going shape your future depending on how you approach it.
We all want the same thing, we all just want to be successful, and we all want to be at the top of our game. There is good news, to be successful or to be great is just as simple as blinking your eyes, all you need to is MAKE A DECISION TO BE SUCCSFUL. Make a decision you are going to be successful this year with your academics, make a decision you are going to excel beyond this time around. Success is not a destination, but it is a journey, it is a process. I must tell, it is not easy and that’s why many people quit before and many would still quit again this year. One thing you should know is that winners win and loosers loose which do you want to be? Quitters quit because they can’t see the bigger picture, they lack vision as they can’t see beyond what they see. From its base, the mountain appears too tall, but success is not about the peak of the mountain but about getting to the peak of the mountain. It is about every step you take and every rock that you climb all the way up. Without appreciation of the journey you would never realize and acknowledge success.
And just like all journeys, the journey of success begins with a single step. The very first step is to make a decision not to give up throughout the journey of success and commit to your decision. Talking about commitment, it means no excuse is acceptable. Results count and not reasons or excuses. And to get the desired results, necessary goals have to be put in place, be it daily ,weekly or monthly goals, set the goals!! The successful attainment of minor goals would boost and propel you towards the attainment of greater goals and an enjoyable journey of success. These goals could be as little as doing your homework and acing in your tests and exams or even out-smarting and out-performing yourself of last year. By setting goals, you are taking command of your own excellence and not the teacher to determine your excellence. Don’t rely on your teachers, figure out your best way to learn and utilize it you are the boss here!!
You would encounter many challenges just as you did in the past but you MUST NOT be beaten by these challenges. Let your challenges be the fuel to keep your determination ablaze. Your teachers, parents, authorities and even those you call friends would discourage you by way of words and actions. They would tell you what you can’t do and how pathetic you are. Hey… hold up!! Let no body tell you what you can’t do. You would not be defeated but what they say about you, you would be defeated by what you say about you. Always have this in mind; if you believe in yourself then you can achieve the impossible.
You have to stay committed to the course; you can’t give up and never accept failure for failure is not an option. Failure is a reminder you have to go harder than you did before. Stay determined and never give up for winners win and loosers loose. On this journey, you would be faced with two types of pains which you MUST choose one; the pain of regret or the pain of determination (discipline) which is it going to be??
As you return to school I urge you to unleash the hungry beast of success in you. You are phenomenal and you are unstoppable for you have greatness within you.
When you are down and low, tell yourself; I can, I will and I must succeed for with God on my side I am unstoppable.

With love
Your big bro
Grandmaster Carl

Grandmaster Carl
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