If Google and Facebook where to give us the results of the most mentioned words in west Africa and probably beyond, YEFON would make the top list for that’s what has been trending for the past 120 days. Some people have personally asked me what is YEFON and what is it all about it is might guess you are asking yourself the same question right now.
To understand the meaning of the trend YEFON, let us first understand the source of the trend and that would be from the much talked about, highly acclaimed, super talented, beautiful and the most anticipated Sahndra Fondufe. She is a degree holder in law and a product of the prestigious New York Film Academy. She is an Actress, Screenwriter, Creative Director at Sahndra Fon Dufe, TV host for Afrikan Girl Answers with Sahndra Fon Dufe and the youngest Amazon Author from Cameroon for the book YEFON; The Red Necklace. I am not telling you all of these to impress you but to impress upon you the richness in quality of the source of the trend YEFON.
La Belle Camerounaise as she loves to refer to herself, came to this world and has seen and encountered the challenges and is conquering them as they present themselves (Veni, Vidi, Vici) and that is why any project she is engaging in is to impact the world in which she lives in and to create positive change hence the trend YEFON which stands for Young, Empowered, Focused, Original and Nurturing. OMG I feel so YEFONised while writing this Blog Post.

Sahndra is a leader is a leader and visionary who believes in tomorrow being better than today and that the Young are the architects and builders of the future that’s why she deemed it worth being cognizant and acted upon to empower the young and the underprivileged through her book YEFON; The Red Necklace. The red Necklace is aimed at encouraging women, children and the suppressed over the world they can be whatever they want to even themselves if they do something about their lives.

To create awareness of the treasure found within the pages of the Best Selling Book YEFON; The Red Necklace and being the leader she is, the initiative of the Book Tour materialized into a reality and the beginning of 2016 saw the YEFON team moving from school to school across the nation to impact YOUNG people of the essence of EMPOWERING themselves and their neighbors while being FOCUSED on their life goals through Discipline and Consistency at the same time being ORIGINAL by finding and employing their uniqueness in making the world a better place and finally to be NURTURING individuals. Ceteris Paribus, she was YEFONising the young people during the YEFON Book Tour. From the Orphanage of Shishong to GHS Kai through PNEU Bamenda to NABISCO Douala and EHS Yaoundé, just to name a few, a YEFON seed was planted. Ask CNN or STV or CRTV or BBC or Equinox TV or CamerNews 24 they would tell you for they were there and they witnessed it live and have the evidence.

As if the Book Tour was not ground breaking enough, the YEFON Walk to Greatness, Peace and Security stole the headlines from the day it was announced (26th February 2016) till tomorrow. On the 12th of March 2016 the long awaited Walk #yefonwalk16 took place in the capital city of Yaoundé from the Reunification Monument to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Now what is this YEFON Walk all about? Over the last year, Cameroon has been plunged by terrorism and insecurity. We have lost great people in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents with very Fresh Memories of Lt. Col. Kuene Beltus Honore, Capt. Yari Emmanuel and many other soldiers and civilians (May their Souls Rest in Peace). When the peace and security of a nation is disturbed, the youths are disturbed for the need peace to flourish and grow, they need peace to be educated, they need peace to hustle, they need peace to settle and most importantly, peace is needed to let the seed of YEFON in everyone grow.

The YEFONised youths turned out in their numbers from all the corners and hideouts of the nation to show their support for the need of peace in the country and in the world and to say NO TO TERRORISM. And worth noting is that the YEFON walk was in partnership with Alissi Bronte, National Youth Council, CAMYOFSOP and Build Our Women.

Sahndra Fondufe’s driving force is her passion for positive change as she is just so passionate about things changing for the better and that is evident in all the projects she engages in. As per her source of inspiration and vision, I would relate her to the Biblical character of Joseph the Dreamer for she dreams and not only does she dream but she wakes up and follows up on her dreams and transforms them into reality. She is an epitome of what they say, “Dream big, think big but start small for the important thing is to start” she can tell you better than I can.

She has a couple of role models ranging from her friends to her family, to the movie stars and female leaders in the world but the stand out super role model is her very own mom Mrs. Lydia Fondufe, who despite all her numerous commitments always performs her basic duties in a grand style.
In an interview published by Iroko Afrika on the 11th of March 2013, when asked where she would be in 10 years’ time, she said “I will leave that to the Gods because they know best. I once read a book that says you plan and scheme but fate has the upper hand. Anyway, in ten years’ time, I would have children, I will be a great mother, I will be very present in the life of the community, I would try to be present for people, for country and for humanity. I would also like to be a great actor and producer then. I know I can be that and God would let that happen because he knows why.”
We can see God really knows why and is letting her wish come true. The YEFON spirit is alive and active. She is a definitely a great actor and producer. You could judge her in that aspect based on her failures for they are very few I guess it would be easier that way. John Dumelo can attest that.
In my opinion, she is a potential Hall of Famer and by the end of her ten years aspiration, she would be standing in the Hall of Fame (right next to me ☺ …) for the YEFON spirit shall endure till the end of time.

Do you still want to know what the heck YEFON is? YEFON is a YOUNG person who EMPOWERS both self and community and is FOCUSED on a life goal through discipline and consistency while being ORIGINAL in using their unique voice in making the world better than yesterday and is NURTURING to both self and humankind.
And Carl would define a young person as a person who is not yet in the grave.

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