The Power of Your Words

It is said, a person’s tongue can give you the taste of their heart. A simple choice of words can make the difference between someone accepting your message or denying it for words have power, words are power or they could be power. Basically, they are used every day and at every instance to convey information though many are not aware they do more than convey information.
Our ability to use words is a determining factor of our personality. A great personality is indicative of the person’s great ability to use words for your words define you and your values. Words tell who you are for you can never get better than your words. Your life is the manifestation of your thoughts and your words are product of your thoughts. If you are described as being wicked or kind, your words would count as much as your actions though it is said actions speak louder than words, cognizant is not made that uttering words or speaking out words is in itself an actions. You cannot speak evil words and do good deeds, that would categorical pretense and when you identify such a person, flee for your life.
The genesis of words is from the “heart” and the purer the heart or the mind the purer the thoughts generated and the purer the words uttered. As they say, “…pussy no de born talk” you can’t plant yams and harvest corn.
Most of our interpersonal problems are based on what one party said to another thereby sparking off a chain of reactions with most endings never being too good to be remembered. Most of the times with interpersonal relationships, the words we say are way more impactful than the actions done. Sincerely tell a lady you are beautiful and see her face generating a genuine smile, that’s just an example of the impact of words. On the other hand, tell a child how stupid or dumb or foolish he is and see that child go into depression for a long time.
The positivity of words might be perceived with the magnitude they deserve because the power of words have been taken for granted for these days words are very cheap for people say words for saying sake, they don’t mean a thing they say. I know you reading this are playing by a different set of rules from the conventional empty words so I therefore urge you to use only kind and helpful words, the type that would build up and provide what is needed so that what you say will do well to those who hear you. 
You get what you give, if evil and wickedness goes out, that is just what you are going to receive.
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