How to make the most of stress

For a stringed instrument such as a guitar to produce quality sound, the strings have to be tensioned to a certain degree without which the desired result would not be gotten. In physics (which I don’t enjoy so much), friction is a vital part of motion if not we would not enjoy motion as we do today. And in the field of truck pushing if the rubber is not tensioned, it would never hold the luggage in place making things difficult. 

So what’s my point? The tension in the guitar strings, the friction in motion and the tension in the rubber are all related to the stress in our lives. They all achieve a particular objective and the objective of stress is for us to progress. When we emerge from a stressful situation, we emerge stronger and as we know, only the strong survive in life.

It is said, patience is the crown of all virtues. So being patient when trial moments come visiting you is going to see you emerging victorious at the end of that phase. And mind you, being patient is not how long you wait but how good you behave while you wait. A wise man in the person of Ralph W. Emerson said “Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss”. It is my believe that you are a very good leaner and would not miss this learning occasion.

Nothing comes your way which you cannot handle for what happens to a man equals that man. And when you seem to be losing it, call on the infinite source of intelligence, call to God or to Allah or to Buddha or that in which you believe in to be the supreme. Your cry would always be considered for they are always there for you. The essential thing is that you should not give up. Hard times are not here to stay, they are here to pass. And I would like to congratulate you for having survived 100% of your worst days yet, keep on you are doing just fine.

Remember that moment you thought you could not survive yet you survived and yes you can do it again. When great things are coming, everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is going out for new energy to enter. Be patient
Remember, it is darkest before dawn. And there is Good Friday before Easter.

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