Does your job define your personality???

We live in a society where jobs and titles define people's personality.
A job could be referred to as someone's source of income. And some are heavier than others on the societal scale of perception and this goes ad far as weighing the personality of people based on their jobs. People's contribution and impact to society are underestimated because of what they do for a living and not the substance they are made of.
Some people are more than their jobs and their level of education, but judgement is passed on them based on positions and titles rather than the purity of their hearts. A job being a means of making end meet serves the primary purpose of providing for the basic needs of the body. Most people don't do what they yearn for so they settle for what would at least feed them and pay for the rents and bills.

Here's the thing, no one would climb on your back if you don't bend and permit them to. By that, I mean don't let the perception of society get to you and stop you from going after what you yearn and hunger for. Go after what you hunger for as if your life depends on it for it actually depends on it. The negative stigma you receive from society should be the fuel for your burning hunger to move on to higher heights.
People lack the courage to go after their hunger and desires that's why they settle for less thereby subjecting themselves to "unfair" judgement from society. But that should not dampen your shine. Wake up and grind till you ate where you want to be for I know you are not were you want to be. Stop wishing!! If you keep doing things the way you have always done you would always be where you have always been.
Change your mind set for the better and go after that which you hunger and yearn for with all your power and might.
It's not late to start, the time is now. Take action!!

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