Focus, the story of a young pathfinder and bright spotter.

Today’s post is about FOCUS. Lack of focus is one of those avoidable obstacles on the way to achieving our desires. I say it is avoidable because when we make a commitment to ourselves to stay focus on the task at hand, it could be achieved with relative ease as compared to working with no focus. Your focus on your aim is a guide to achieving your aim. You owe yourself that commitment to stay focused. This is the story of a young man with great ambitions and has as his aim in life to make his community better than what it was yesterday. He has been loyal and stayed focus on his aim and the results of his hustle inspired me to use his story. I am not telling you this story to impress you, but to impact upon you the necessity of focusing on the task of achieving our desires in life. For with focus on your aims, a weak plan to achieve those aims is more apt to succeed than a strong plan applied with no focus.
His passion for African excellence was ignited when he was on a trip in Kenya for a Pan-African forum on sustainable Agriculture (Agribiz4Africa Forum). There, he realized that Kenya was much more beautiful than what was portrayed to him by google. So he made it as his definite chief aim in life to put Africa in the spotlight or as he best puts it to Bright Spot Africa.
The deep burning desire to Bright Spot Africa pushed this hungry son of African soil to study Africa’s history with the mission to identify and understand the source of Africa’s issues. He owes his mind set shift about the African community to the writings of Kwame Nkrumah.
He has as virtual mentors Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu and Mo Ibrahim whose success stories taught him not to focus on the not so bright side of things but to take action in solving the practical problems of the continent. These icons are Bright Spotters and this starving young man strives every day to be better than them.
To be better than the best, he dropped his childhood ambition of becoming a lawyer with tremendous alacrity and with a definite chief aim to Bright Spot Africa he enrolled to study management at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, (CUIB) Cameroon. As a student he focused on being a pathfinder and problem solver with all his capacity, strength and sagacity, faith, hope and confidence combined with stern pertinacity.
His commitment to his value for African excellence is evident in his results such as him being the founder of the African Progress Alliance which is a nationwide association of over 150 youths who volunteer in educating fellow youths to be solution implementers and better citizens. The African Progress Alliance impacted more than 2000 youths in Cameroon.
He also founded the Pan-African social network GoJamaa to connect African pathfinders like him and professionals in various sectors to share ideas and work towards the achievement of African excellence and Bright Spot Africa for he firmly believes Sharing is Caring and Unity is strength
Personally, my favorite parts about his story were his failures. He failed and failed woefully at some instances and the intriguing part of the show is he walked away from his failures with a gracious smile after lamenting and mourning over the record failures of his initiatives. The smile was because he considered failure to be his passport to success. The lessons learned from his falls were valuable lessons to aid on him on his way to success
In his school community, his dedication to his passion and values was recognized and that earned him the position of President of the Student Government Authority of CUIB, a position which sharpened his leadership skills. He graduated with BSc. In Management with a GPA of 3.9 on a scale of 4 and recipient of the CUIB President Award for most outstanding student.
Presently, he is part of Go Ahead Africa (GAA) Ltd, a consultancy firm focused on bright spotting Africa and striving for African excellence by developing the potential of African firms. His life work is not yet over, it just began. His next step towards his definite chief aim of bright spotting Africa and pushing for African excellence is to build an educational initiative to empower the next generation pathfinders and servant leaders.

At this point in time, you must be wondering who the “HE” I having been referring to all this while. He is Momo Bertrand, The Pathfinder, Servant Leader, Bright Spotter and Mr Nice Guy.

That is the Momo Bertrand Story on Focus, what is your own story? Lets hear it (feel free to leave it in the comment box)....

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