10 Harmful health effects of excessive consumption of soft drinks.

There is definitely no place where soft drinks (or sweets as they are commonly referred to in this my part of the country) of all brands, flavors and colors don’t have a good representation. They are just as popular as their alcoholic counterparts. Their sweetness should be thanked for their popularity. How I wish their health hazards were as popular as their sweetness. But I would make my wish come true by making their hazards be as popular as their sweetness.
Excessive consumption of soft drinks is a leading risk factor for obesity and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. As Dr. Susan Enjema A. would say, let me meducate you on 10 of the risks of over consumption of soft drinks;

1) Tooth Decay: all sweet drinks contain acid (… yes acid) making these sweet drinks acidic in nature. The acids in the drinks slowly eats away the enamel (material the tooth is made of). The sugar content is high enough to create a comfortable environment for settle and engage in the process of tooth decay. Bottom line, soft drinks contain acid and sugar which corrode and destroy the teeth at one shot.
2) Obesity: by virtue of the composition of these sweet drinks, they lack in nutritional values and only increase calories because of the refined sugar they contain and this favors weight gain. Yeah not all of them have refined sugar, some have artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which provokes hunger and craving for food. Being obese increases the risk of type II diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and some cancers. There are several factors which contribute to obesity but that of soft drinks is the addition of non-nutritious calories which eventually lead to weight gain and obesity.
3) Gastrointestinal disturbance: the fizzy sound you hear when you uncap a bottle of soft drink is conformation of the presence of phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide which make the drink acidic and generates a hyper acidic environment in the stomach. A person suffering from peptic or gastric ulcers a.k.a. gastric, would aggravate conditions if a soft drink is taken in such a condition. Also, the phosphoric acid competes with the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and obstructs its functions leading to improper and incomplete digestion.
4) Malnutrition: gastrointestinal disturbance by the acids of soft drinks results to poor appetite and eventually poor feeding habits and retarded growth in addicts of soft drinks.
5) Formation of kidney stones: that’s one of the most painful conditions in which man can be found in. soft drinks increase the depletion of calcium and deposition in the kidney which leads to nephrolithiasis what is commonly known as kidney stones. Also, the kidney is overworked in process of eliminating large amounts of phosphoric acids.
6) Effects on the skin: acidic blood retards the effects of the multipurpose enzyme glutathione which functions in cell development and growth and in resistance to UV radiation. This makes the body prone to wrinkling and aging.
7) Weak and porous bones: phosphoric acid deoxidizes blood and removes calcium and magnesium which are minerals necessary for bone building. Deficiency in these minerals lead to the formation of weak and porous bones, a condition known as osteoporosis. The calcium removed is deposited in the kidney which eventually leads to kidney stones. Girls build 92% of their bone mass by the age of 18. Excessive consumption of sweet drinks before that age would result in low calcium levels which they can’t catch up with later in life.
8) Effects of caffeine: caffeine aggravates premenstrual syndromes, causes dehydration and induces the stomach into the production of acids thereby increasing the hyper acidic nature of the stomach. As caffeine is known to suppress sweetness, caffeinated soft drinks contain more sugar than non-caffeinated soft drinks to attain equivalent sweetness. Caffeine also increases calcium excretion in urine.
9) Heart Diseases: a diet high in added sugar, is a fair contributor to heart diseases. Soft drinks are one of the largest sources of added sugars in our communities. Carbohydrate rich foods increase triglyceride levels and sugar has a greater effect than other carbohydrates. High levels of triglyceride are associated with higher levels of heart diseases and diabetes.
10) Asthma and Lung diseases: studies suggest a link between increased intake of soft drinks and asthma. This is in relation to some additives extracted from insects which act as allergens.
It is my belief that you are now very well informed of the health hazards associated with the excessive consumption of sweet drinks and you would approach them with much more caution. If you have any health concerns in relation to this, feel free to holler at the Award Winning and ever ready to help Dr. Susan Enjema.
Excessive consumption of soft drinks is detrimental to our health, but that is no guarantee to turn to excessive consumption of alcohol. Better no de that side oh… We would cross examine alcohol someday. At the end of the day, it is WATER over EVERYTHING

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