Major Keys to Stop Worrying

Last week, I deprived myself of some great deal of happiness. Not consciously though, so hey don't see me as weird. During this period of self denied happiness, I had this habit of over thinking or to say worrying about everything most especially the lil things.

I came across this article How to Stop over thinking everything by Henrik Edberk of the Positivity Blog. It was very helpful and I would share with you what I believe to be the major Keys to stop worrying.

Quend c’est tros, c’est laid, same applies to over thinking which is hardly ever a constructive habit. Over thinking small issues might actually make them grow. We over think the positivity of things until they are apparently positive no more. You might be asking what happens when you over think the negative aspects of things? They just get worst!

This habit of over thinking steals the happiness of the moment and it also makes us stand still in life as it renders us incapable of making intelligent decisions and taking action.

We should not be suicidal by depriving our very own selves of happiness. At times we can't help but worry but it is my believe the Keys I would eventually share with you would be our escape route from those moments. So let's get down to the matter

1)Broaden your perspective: increase your perspective on what ever it is that is causing you to worry. Ask yourself, would it matter next week or next month or in 3 years. If it would matter in the the long run, keep calm and tackle it bit by bit.  If it would not matter in the short run, my dear just press the delete button on it. If there is no delete button, the back space key would do the job perfectly.

2)Take action: be a person of action rather than a person of thoughts and words. Kill procrastination by taking action. Von Goethe says “knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” and to conclude,Napoleon Hill says “don't wait! The time would never be just right.”

3)Accept the reality and facts: we should accept the fact that not everything is within our control. Somethings occur to us by our makings and others not. But what ever the case, not everything is within our control. So we should accept the things we can't change, change those we can and pray God to grant us the wisdom to differentiate between the two.

4)Spend more time in the moment: spend more time in the moment and not in the past for it is the past. Spend more time in the moment not in the future for it is not certain and you could drag yourself into a state of dysphoric dysphoria. In a state of euphoria, we mentally generate vague fears and get trap in them.

5)Just stop thinking: get distracted by doing something physical like house  chores, exercise or simply take a walk. Spending some time with people who don't over think things out.

The aforementioned Keys have helped me boost my happiness and I trust it would do same to you.
A dear friend of mine always tells me and I am telling you same, “Stop worrying! Worrying about tomorrow never makes tomorrow better.”

I hope you did enjoy reading through and I believe your happiness level shall be boosted  in the nearest future.

Don't remain happy alone share the happiness along for sharing is caring.

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