Attention, stop Blackman Time; stop lateness; start being prompt!!

Okay people this is written by one of my friends and I believe it would do us some good if we all try to kill the Blackman time #BMT phenomenon and be prompt for all programmed activities.
I believe that one of the reasons why we are backwards in almost everything is this NONSENSE of "Blackman Time". It is one of the biggest drivers of inefficiency and ineffectiveness!
Please, my people, being late is not fashionable, it is downright RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL! And it ends up creating a chain effect which makes everyone else late and waste their time!
What amazes me most is that the people in the diaspora have learned everything else but have refused to give up the "tradition" of late coming. Even abroad, Cameroonians are still late for everything!
A life where you are always late is an unprogrammed and unfocused life and success will usually always elude you while you blame it on an uncle in the village "tying you" or sleep in church praying against the spirit of stagnation!
It is not stagnation, it is just inefficiency in your life!
TIME is like MONEY!
You have 24 hours in a day! Invest wisely and do not waste other people's time!
Let us try to examine the boomerang effect of lateness ;
- A meeting is to start at 2pm.
- Mary has a program at 5pm and comes at 2pm and stays there idling for one to two hours before the 1st person shows up!
-Now what has happened?- Mary has WASTED two hours of her time and may miss her program or more because of people coming late!
-If she goes for her program, the persons waiting for her may also end up wasting their own time or if she had a central role they may push for the next day!
I recently had a RDV with a young guy who had to meet me for some career advice. It was to be at 1pm. He came at 2pm without even calling. I was in the office but I sent him back! I had already moved on to the next thing!
Please, let us stop this mediocre thinking in Cameroon! Let us push for competency and efficiency!
Even if everyone is coming late - BE EARLY!
Many of us have missed opportunities and blessings because of lateness!
God is a God of order and one who is always ON TIME!
We complain about our government everyday but I don't think it is our government who controls even our little njangui meetings!
If you have a meeting at 9 am, that is not when you should enter the shower, that is when you should be there!
- Together let us STOP LATENESS in Cameroon!

One of the immediate consequences of late coming is that it reduces our productivity and efficiency either drastically or mildly. Time was pot in place to guide our activities and not the other way around. And time is one of those things when gone you can't have back so make the most of the time you have at hand.

If you do agree that Blackman Time halts our progress, join the campaign to kill black man time by sharing this post on all available platforms.

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