Cycle of Life

A day is made of two distinct parts; day time and night time. Day time is followed by night and night is proceeded by day and that's the cycle of time.

Life too, is made up of two distinct parts; good and bad.
Good fortunes are and would always be followed by bad fortunes which in turn would always be followed by good fortunes, just as night would always follow day.
That is the cycle of life.

Just as no normal person would emerge from the night phase stronger and more refreshed for the activities of the new day, so to as no normal man would arise from failure without being stronger and wiser from adversity.

Adversity is a phase of life and what you make if it would impact the good phase of life.
It is a blessing in disguise, take it as such and live a happy life.

I hope you did enjoy the post. And as I would always say, sharing is caring so feel free to share this on any possible platform,and I look forward to reading your comments.

Go and conquer for you are a conqueror!!!


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